Window and door systems

Allied Aluminium window and door systems are a set of well-thought-out, intelligent solutions that can be used in a broad range of architectural designs.

The systems are extremely functional and, thanks to their many variants, they offer the possibility of application in works associated with both outdoor and indoor environments.

Depending on the requirement, Excellent, Splendour or Ultraeco window and door systems, together with the technology of the Solid and Moderate doors systems, jointly offer the possibility to construct vast areas of glazed surface.

At the same time, our designers have also tried to minimalize the width of the frames in which glass panels are installed - which makes our systems stand out positively from competitors.

By selecting individual solutions from the Allied Aluminium systems, the designer and the contractor are able to satisfy the needs of their customers and preserving aesthetic form of the designs at the same time.

Allied Aluminium systems have been designed so that the separate elements of each one of them can be mixed together or used apart. Hence, the great versatility of our product and outstanding finished appearance provides both designer and contractor with the opportunity to satisfy the individual needs of their customers, whilst at the same time preserving a highly aesthetic form of final design.