Conservatories or glazed porches in the ALLIED ALUMINIUM system can be constructed by using appropriate elements offered in the brochure. They are: facades, windows, sliding doors, etc.

Depending on the requirement, units of a double and triple chamber construction - or a single-chamber system in special conditions, can be used.

If the project is in a very exposed position and thus requires high resistance to wind pressure or suction, or its area is big, then combining a strengthened facade with window and door systems would be appropriate.

A basic rule for obtaining appropriate thermal insulation includes the selection of a construction of a similar thermal insulation index or of the choice of the same number of individual chambers. Thus we can create almost every shape in this way.

Conservatories with the SP2 and SP3 sliding systems are the most frequently used, as their reliability and weather-tightness functions well in our climate.

The brush and leaf seals on the sliding doors prevent air migration and thus an escape of the heat or alternatively an inwardly excessive permeation of hot air during the summer.  These same seals also fulfil a very important role in water insulation.

The aluminium tracks have an inbuilt steel rail which is used to resist movement within the individual modules during use.

ALLIED ALUMINIUM systems cover the complete spectrum of units required, this meeting all needs that are encountered during the construction of conservatories, glazed porches, covers for swimming pools or terraces.

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